Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s day! To those of you have a “Special someone” today…Congratulations!

For those of you who don’t…Welcome to the club…

So today, on this MOST romantic of holidays, I thought I’d tell you about my romance fails. There have been three guys (ok two, because I don’t think a childhood crush counts, but I’ll tell you anyway.) So these three guys, we’ll call them “The Tall One” “The Comic” And “The Boy Next Door.”


So we’ll start with “The Boy Next Door” he was my best friend from age, 3-8 (give or take, somewhere in there we stopped being good friends, probably when he decided that girls have”cooties”) Anyway, he was my first crush and my first kiss. Honestly I don’t think that kisses count at that age, especially when they happen during a game of spies, and when both your parents and his parents got REALLY mad when they found out…


Next came “The Tall One” he was, as his name would suggest, tall. He was also, funny, absolutely adorable, and did I mention that he was home schooled? Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Wrong… Even though everyone, including my parents, said that, since we were talking basically EVERY DAY, he must like me. He never asked me out. We’re still friends and I’m certainly not crushing on him anymore, but he was my first REAL crush.


Next comes “The Comic.” He was funny, cute, available, had the same interests as me, and was around all the time. It was the same story with him as with
“The Tall One.” We talked all the time, he seemed to be flirting with me, at least that’s what other people said…apparently, I’m oblivious to that stuff… Only problem with “The Comic,” he was a year older than me, and he headed out into the world. Less than two weeks later, he had a girlfriend…there goes my shot at that guy!


Speaking of me being oblivious…sit down kids, it’s story time!


Kaelee and I were at the mall for our first meeting, and she decided to buy me some of those delicious cinnamon roasted almonds…they’re sooo good… Anyway, I’m busy protesting and feeling a little embarrassed that my sister is buying me food at our first meeting, while she buys the almonds. We leave the counter and she goes… “That guy was TOTALLY checking you out!”

Then I go…”He WAS?”

And she says…”Umm, yeah…”


Moral of the story, I’m extremely oblivious…especially when it comes to cute guys checking me out, or flirting with me, or liking me, or, or ,or…you get the idea….

So for this Valentine’s Day, I’m spending the night at my Best Friend Hope’s house!


Her birthday was last week, and tonight and tomorrow will be spent hanging out with her and her two cousins.




And Rachel

It’s gonna be a great time, tonight we’re gonna make dinner, snacks and cake in a cup! (One for each of us of course…)Plus Watch Napoleon Dynamite and have a Black Ops Marathon! Then tomorrow, we’re going Ice Skating!! This is WAY better than my original Valentine’s Day plans, which included me watching Titanic, Moulin Rouge and Empire Records all while feeling sorry for my single pathetic state. Who needs to be pathetic when you’ve got awesome friends to hang out with?!

So my advice to you on this Valentine’s Day? Get a bunch of your single friends and go see a movie, perhaps the Frozen Sing-a-long?  Enjoy your singledom! You only get it for so long before you’re married with kids!

Love to all, as always,



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