Do YOU Hear the People Sing?



This is the Grand Rapids Civic Theater. I mentioned it in my first post? About how it feels like a second home, even though I’ve only been in one show?


Anyway, this past week I got an email from the stage manager at the Civic…I’m a crew member for Les Miserables! I am BEYOND excited! I’m ecstatic! This is a HUGE opportunity for me, because not only will I be working at a place and with people I adore, I’ll be learning things that will help me later in life! Theater is one of my greatest passions, it has been for a long time. I have always loved to sing, and, after my aunt brought Broadway shows into the house, I found something I loved in Musical Theater!


So, for those of you who don’t know about Les Mis…



The original story was written by this guy. Victor Hugo. He also wrote the famous novel, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Anyway,  Les Miserables follows the story of a man, a convict named “Jean Val Jean,” and the people he encounters and changes through those encounters. Some of the main characters include: Fantine: A single mother and factory worker, who turns to prostitution to pay for her daughters’ living situation. Javert: The parole officer in charge of Val Jean’s case. He is cold, but we come to learn, not heartless.  Cosette: Fantine’s daughter, young, naive and in the care of the tricky Thenardiers. And on that note… Madame and Monseigneur Thenardier: Tricky and sometimes villainous innkeepers in a small French town, they are Cosette’s guardians and have a daughter of their own. Eponine: The Thenardiers’ daughter, she starts the story as a vain little girl, but progresses into an independent young woman, well, as much as possible in the 1800s…She’s in love with one of the leaders of the schoolboys revolution. Marius Pontmercy: One of the leaders of the revolution, he plans to fight at the barricade, but falls desperately in love with grown up Cosette. Eponine is in love with him, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in her as anything but a friend. (sad face…) I don’t think there are any other main characters that I need to explain…if you want to see the whole story play out, come see the musical!


So, when I got my email about crewing, it said, and I quote: “Deck 4 (full time and costumed)” Next to my name! I’m REALLY excited about this because it means that I will get to wear a costume fitting with the rest of the characters…at least I think (and hope) that’s what it means… It also means that my schedule will be completely full for the next month and a half… (Don’t worry, I’ll still have time to post every day!) On Saturday, the 21st we go into what we in the “Biz” fondly call “Hell Week.” Hell week is really called Tech week. Tech week is the week before the show opens. It’s when the Tech Crew comes in for the first time and works with the actors. SO…not only will the Tech Crew be working with their assigned props, sets, lighting cues, flies ( like the things that drop from the stage and the people working the curtain, not little buzzy bugs…) , and for the dressers costumes and actors…the actors will be onstage WITH the set fully put together for the first time. Not only that, but after the first couple of days, the actors will be in costume and we will be running dress rehersals…I’m really excited, I kind of like Hell Week, It’s organized chaos…something I am good at!


Anyway, it’s late here, and I need to go to bed. Sorry today’s post is late, but at least I got it in before Sunday afternoon. There will be another one tomorrow! Today? Tomorrow? Whatever, talk to you all soon!

Love to all, as always,



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