The World As My Playground


I have wanted to live in New York almost as long as I’ve loved Broadway. The big city, it’s millions of people, skyscrapers, rude taxi drivers and history draws me in. For over a hundred years people have considered New York to be the city of opportunity. They (Does anyone know who they are?) say, “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.” So, originally my “Big Plan” was to go to Julliard…then I looked into it more and realized that they don’t have a Musical Theater program…Goodbye Julliard! Then I was interested in NYU, they have a great Creative Writing program, that includes spending a semester somewhere in Europe or Greenwich Village. This got me VERY excited…then I looked at the tuition, and as much as I’d LOVE to go there…it’s a lot of money that I don’t have.


So I still want to live in New York when I grow up, but my views have widened a little bit…ok…a lot.


Recently I decided that I don’t really want to go to college. Now, don’t shoot me! It’s just that I feel like I could get a lot more world experience by actually traveling the world…I mean college degrees are great, but it’s four years of my life that I’d never get back! Instead, why not spend those four years (or more) traveling and learning from local people around the world in different cultures?

Look at France for instance,


The Eiffel tower is an amazing feat of modern engineering!


The Arc De Triomphe!


 And the Louvre, which holds some of histories greatest works of art!

Not to mention, Versailles, the Guillotine Museum and the beautiful countryside! There are so many others that I haven’t even mentioned!


Then there’s London, Italy, Russia, Korea, China, Scotland and Ireland! The World will be my classroom! Who needs four years of college? I can spend that time learning to live in the world to my fullest potential…Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a passion greater even that my love of Theater! (I doubt it, but who knows?) Anything can happen when the World is your playground!

Love to all, as always,


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