The world of videos…

So today I thought I’d share a few videos and Youtubers I really love with you! A lot of these will probably be Broadway things, but others are just fun!

So first is this one from Danisnotonfire:

So this video is not only REALLY funny, but also TOTALLY relatible! I have cringe attacks ALL THE TIME…MOstly late at night when my brain has gone:


(In case you haven’t already noticed I really like this DERP face…)

But still I have them all the time, and they’re usually to do with stupid things that I said, or did and then attempted to cover up, with something even stupider….Needless to say, Dan is awesome! His videos constantly relate to my life, or just make me laugh like a sick giraffe…Either way, awesome!


Then there’s this one:

I love Sherlock! Hope showed this to me the other day and I’ve watched it five times probably…


I have time for one more, so I’m gonna bring in the Broadway now…

This is The Love Song from Once Upon A Mattress. This is the movie version with Tracy Ullman as the Princess Fred(Winnifred) Carol Burnett plays the queen and Denis O’Hare is the prince. The musical is full of laughs and great moments. Two of my favorite comedy actors (Ullman and Burnett) are in it! It’s just an all around fun movie! Also Zooey Deshanel and  Matthew Morrison are in it. He was Lord Harry and Link Larkin to me before he was Mr Shue on Glee!

Love to all, as always,



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