Some questions…

So I didn’t know what to blog about…then I found this website:

It’s a bunch of writing prompts/questions to get you writing! So I’m going to answer some of them. Some might have short answers, some might be long. Others might be a picture that pertains to the question. Who knows what I’ll come up with?

Ok, question number one:

251.  ….and it landed me in the ER… Explain a time you ended up in the ER, what was the end result? Did you ever do whatever “it” was again!?!

When I was about six I was trying to untie my tennis shoes. I didn’t realize that they had been double knotted and pulled really hard on one of the laces. It came untied, but the aglet hit me in the left eye. We went to the ER and it turned out that the aglet had scratched my eye…no permanent damage but not the most comfortable thing in the world.. That was the only time I had gone to the ER (for myself at least) until recently. A month or so ago I was spinning one of those kiddie playground balls on my finger, (one of those soft ones, not like a dodge ball or anything, I was in a toddler nursery) and it bounced off and hit me in the same eye as before! (I know what you’re thinking, “Gosh Mae, how clumsy can you be?” Trust me, I can be WAY clumsier than that) I thought I was okay, my eye watered for a while, it looked and felt like I’d just displaced some blood vessels, it’d be all better in a few hours. Well in about an hour, I started having blurred vision in that eye…we ended up in the ER again. For the same eye as the last time…Moral of this? Mae is ridiculously clumsy when it comes to having things around her face.

  Question number two:

261.   What historical period in time do you wish you were born ?

This one’s EASY! The early 1900s! The clothing alone is enough to make me wish I was born then! I also wouldn’t mind the Regency. Once again the clothes are fabulous, but also the manners of the time. I would be VERY happy in the Regency.

452.  One of my irrational phobias is…

Fire. I have an intense and irrational fear of fire. This probably comes from the times that my Grandma told me stories about fire accidents. For instance: When she was in the hospital after getting her appendix out (or the time she was recovering from eye surgery, can’t remember which) there was a girl in the bed/room next to her who was REALLY badly burned. She was burned because she had been playing with sparklers (I guess it was the 4th of July..) and her cotton dress had gone up in flames. Then there was another time when we were walking on a nature trail and we saw a woman who had burn scars all over her body and Grandma said something to the effect of “That’s what happens when you get too close to the fire and are messing around.” Then she went on to tell me about a friend who had fallen into a campfire… Did I mention that all this happened when I was around four-six? Of course, I don’t blame Grandma for my fear of fire. I was the kind of kid who liked to know “Why” I shouldn’t do things. I was also very quickly and easily frightened and irrational… Not a great mix…Which probably explains some of my other issues…So Grandma if you’re reading this, I don’t blame you! I blame my overactive imagination and irrational way of looking at anything that might be dangerous.

616.   When I feel frustrated I….

Go into a spiral of doom and hide from everyone until my freak out has passed. Also I clean my room and rant at thin air. (Don’t judge me! Can you honestly say that you’ve NEVER said things to yourself that you would NEVER EVER say to the person you’re angry with?)

238.   You have $10 in your pocket and have to eat for 2 days (you can’t return home to eat from the cupboards) how will you survive?

Taco Bell. One thing of the value menu every meal. That and public drinking fountains.

546.   Would you be friends with you?

Um, yeah! I’m awesome! (You know, in a slightly crazy way)

  Well, that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed this!

Love to all, As Always,



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