Do You Nancy Drew?

Ever heard of the Nancy Drew books? They’ve been around since the nineteen thirties and are written under the pseudonym of Carolyn Keen. When I say do you Nancy Drew, I’m talking about the Nancy Drew Mystery Games made by HERinteractive. They’ve been around since 1996 and are constantly getting cooler. The graphics started out like this:


And this:


Now they look like this:


And they’re getting constantly better!

The mysteries have been anything from murder mysteries to kidnappings to thefts and spy missions. They are full of puzzles and Sherlock Holmes esque deductions.

Even though Nancy is a nineteen year old girl, the message boards on (where you can get hints and tips if you’re stuck, or just talk to people about the games) the games pull in guys too. The people who play are of all ages and many of us have been playing since the games first became popular. Of course I was born in 97, so I didn’t start playing until the early 2000s. But we started at the beginning of the series and I’ve been playing them ever since. There are almost thirty games in the series and my Mom and I have played all of them.

Basically. They. Are. Awesome.

Love to all, As always,


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