Time Moves Too Quickly

Sometimes I hate time. I want to punch time in the face. Or faces. Or maybe I’ll just punch a clock…

That would hurt, so I won’t do that, but in all seriousness my life is trying to move forward without me! I started crewing Les Mis about five weeks ago. FIVE WEEKS! That means that this week is our final week of performances…I am not too pleased with this development. I’m having a great time and making a bunch of friends, most of which (as is my habit) happen to be adults that I can’t hang out with outside of the show…That’s beside the point though!  I get a week of relaxation after Sunday, more like a week of torture, before YaF (if you don’t know what YaF is read this blog post) and I jet off to Florida! I’m excited for Florida, fun, sun and best of all, NO SNOW! However, the week of relaxation comes with the price of no more Les Mis, I mean Les Mis isn’t the problem, I’ve seen the show at least twenty six times now, but it’s the people and the fun! I have a life right now, even if it is just withing Civic. 

Ok, I sound pathetic, but you know what, it’s true. I don’t really have a life. I wish I did, but I don’t have a drivers licence and that makes it hard to go places. Money would probably be helpful too…I should really work on that job thing…so when Les Mis ends, I get to go back to the patheticness of not having a life. Great! At least this will only last for a week and then I get to go to Florida!  Yay! 


OK! Enough of being pathetic! Let’s talk about what’s going to happen while I’m gone. I intend to blog the entire trip. Everyday when we are home (and not still hanging out as a group) I will blog about what’s happened that day. We usually get a few good stories a day and stuff to laugh over, and with Hope and Me on the trip, well we all know that the two of us will find something ridiculous to do!  

Love to all, as always, 



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