Let’s catch up: Part I

Hello again,

It’s been a year…a whole year…woah…a lot has changed, shall we discuss?


We should probably start with the biggest change…This is the Academic Building (AB for those in the know) of Aquinas College, a small Catholic institution situated in a small nook in my hometown. Remember when I said I wasn’t going to college? Ever? No? Ok, maybe I didn’t post about it on here…been a while…anyway, that idea changed drastically in a very short period of time. It may have had something to do with all my friends moving forward in their lives and me being stuck in homeschooler mode…or maybe it had something (and by that I mean a HUGE something) to do with AQ’s theater program…which funnily enough isn’t even my focus anymore but, more on that in a minute.


orientation (2)

First day of orientation! I’m at the center of the non-blurry circle…yeah…we’re cool…get over it. So, before I knew it, I had managed to apply, get an amazing scholarship, and take out two small (don’t give me that look, they really are!) loans, and there I was…college…orientation…really not knowing what the hell I was doing…classic Mae, am I right? As my journey has continued in college, there have been more changes…ready? Me neither…

cat n me (2)

I certainly wasn’t ready for Cat…

Cat and I met on the first day of orientation, we weren’t in the same group, but we were both commuters and…home schoolers…um…WHAT?! Here’s the thing about Cat, she is basically a mix of Anne Shirley (you know Anne of Green Gables? If not, you can stop reading now, because we CAN’T be friends…kidding, but go read it) and Pollyanna. The girl is amazing, I’ve never met someone my age with such a strong knowledge of who she is, not just personality wise, but also of who she is in Christ. She has this undeniable confidence and faith in God, it’s amazing, I don’t know how she does it, but I can only aspire to someday understand.


Hey look, it’s Mark! (Managed to catch him in a rare moment of not making weird faces…)

Ah yes…The Spidermark…He is a constant stream of jokes, both about random things, but his one of his favorite topics is my height… (I’m 5″1 people! It’s not THAT short!!) That’s okay though, my sarcastic remarks often make up for his jokes at my expense…that is IF I can think of them in the moment…you know how it is, need a retort? Yeah, not gonna come to you until HOURS LATER!! Anyway, he’s cool. Good dance partner, President of our Swing Club (of which I am Vice-President :p), oh, and a biology major…yep, I’m friends with someone sciencey, get over it! He’s also obsessed with Spiderman, hence the nickname.

There’s also my friend Claire, she was the second friend I made on campus, sadly I don’t have any photos that she wouldn’t kill me for posting… 😦 We met in French class, she’s funny, stubborn, has a constant need to be right….(Sound like someone else you know? Need a hint?… It’s me.) She made the brave decision this semester, when God led her in a different direction, to follow his guidance and do what was best for her. (That’s all I’m gonna say, it’s not my place to say more.) It was her who pulled me in to swing dancing again. I’m really glad she did, I missed it.

My point with the short intros? Hey guys…I have friends!! Some of you might be wondering where my dearest Hope is? She’s still here! Don’t worry, expect some crazy anecdotes with her soon!


Hey Look! Told you! We took this a week or so ago!

Moving on? We good? Ok, cool…I mentioned earlier that I wasn’t focusing on Theater anymore, you caught that right? That statement isn’t strictly true, however I’m not majoring in performance, or tech, or even general Theater. In case you haven’t noticed, I love to write. I often shove it aside for theater or other things I “think” I’m passionate about, but I took an acting class in this first semester and…well…I’m calling it “the acting class that made me realize I hate acting…” Okay, not entirely, but for the most part, I’ve figured out that me and acting aren’t going to be best buds. In fact, I don’t think we’re really more than passing aquaintances. 🙂 You know what though? That’s okay! Remember when I wrote about Anne Lamott’s Bird By Bird? (For those of you who are new, or don’t remember, here’s the link: https://maedegraw.wordpress.com/2014/02/19/anne-lamott/) Anyway, after a huge existential crisis concerning what I was going to do if I wasn’t a theater major, I remembered an old friend of mine…Fiction, writing, Anne Lamott, Jane Austen…etc… Then I looked into AQ’s English department a little bit…then a lot…then went and spoke with the Chair of the Department…And now, I’m an English major. I haven’t completely abandoned Theater though, the way that I’ve chosen to major includes a minor in writing and one in theater. Playwrite anyone?

Ok, it’s officially late…very late… I’m suprised that I’m even thinking coherently at this point…

To be continued…

Love to all, as always,



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