Let’s Catch Up: Part II

Hello everyone,

Here we go again…

I left off with my change in major. I’m sorry for cutting it short, it was almost 3am…cohesive thought no longer flows around then…yeah…it’s bad….Anyway, I think I’ve pretty well covered the change in major…

In other news, I got a job! I’ve been working at a Craft store since August. I love it on a good day, hate it on a bad, and most other times have no strong feelings in either direction. It’s work, I go, I pretend to be nice to people for 8 hours, I come home. Easy right? For me, yes. Most of the time.

Ready for what’s probably my favorite news? I got my drivers license! Took long enough, right? I was seeing the headlines the day I got it: “18 year old college student waits till day permit expires to take final driving test! Will she pass????” After one try in which I failed parallel parking and didn’t even get to go out on the road, I needed the pass desperately. I may have a job, but paying to reschedule a second time would have broken my budget. Not to mention the fact that I’d have to pay another $20 to get my permit replaced! I passed though, and while I don’t have my own car, have gotten to go on several adventures with Hope, as well as getting lost several times…I ended up on the complete opposite side of town from where I was going the other day, but in my defense, I had been feeling gross most of the day and was going a direction I hadn’t driven on my own yet!


What’s next? Oh…okay…I get to be the bearer of not so great news now…Cooper, my beautiful annoying little shit head of a beagle,


was hit by a truck. It’ll be two years this summer. He ran into the street after a squirrel. (Little ass-holes. They hate me, and I hate them…we have a mutual disagreement.) He didn’t suffer, but I lost my best buddy, and it sucked. A few weeks before this we had adopted a cat, she and Cooper were at odds with each other for a while there, but they were starting to get used to each other. Her name is Minnaloushe!


Isn’t she gorgeous?! She’s a year and a half now, 7 months when we adopted her. She’s our sweet heart…then there’s the other one…


This is Suki, seen here laying on my French homework and making it very hard for me to be productive. She’s my cat, she sleeps on my bed, destroys my stuff, pulls books off the bookshelf, knocks over my glass bottle collection and uses my steampunk costumes as a scratching post. I love her though! Suki is just barely a year old, she was 7 weeks when we adopted her.

Oh! Here’s another amazing change! About 4 years ago I had a falling out with my childhood best friend, we hadn’t spoken since, until recently when we ran into each other at not one, but two funerals. Since then, we’ve realized mutually that our falling out was nothing more than youthful stupidity and miscommunication and have reconnected.


This is us circa 2011 or 2010, weren’t we adorable?!! This is her now:


Isn’t she gorgeous? Wait, don’t answer that question! The answer is yes!! On so many levels! This girl, my Grace friend, (whom can find on her blog__________Waiting for a link from her…) she has a beautiful soul and personality, she’s a fighter, and so ridiculously strong. She’s gone through things that I can’t imagine coming back from, and yet, she has, and she moves forward one step at a time daily. She has an eye for the beautiful in life and in her photography, captures the little moments of joy that normal people don’t even notice. She’s smart, quiet (when she wants to be), loud the rest of the time, and funny as hell. She knows who she is, even though she struggles, as we all do. I’ve missed her, and I’m so glad to have her back in my life!!

I think that just about catches you all up on the past couple of months. I have more stories and fun adventures to tell you about soon, but I guess you’re just going to have to come back to hear them!

Love to all, as always,





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