Ok. Here’s the thing. I see a HUGE amount of stupid stuff on the internet during the day, be it on Facebook, Instagram, News websites, or things that I click on accidentally. A lot of these things piss me off, or make me want to share an opinion, but I don’t. Who want’s to get involved in a political debate? Or get your ass kicked because you have an opinion thats slightly different from someone else’s? I don’t, but I’ve been getting sick of not standing up for some things. So today I am.

I opened Facebook an hour or so ago to check up on some friends feeds, you know, see what people are up to, the normal day to day. Instead I found a normal torrent of political crap, lots of controversial oppinions, and people arguing with each other about those two things. Hidden in this sea of stuff, was an article about November 24th’s Google Doodle, and the “uproar” it was causing in the Christian and Scientific Communities on that day. All I have to say is….REALLY???

First of all: Why is this still being shared around? It happened two months ago.

Second: Google is allowed to put whatever the Hell they want on their homepage. If it offends you, don’t look at it, or better yet, use a different search engine, you definitely won’t have to look at it then!!

So those of you who don’t know about this are probably wondering what I’m talking about right now, and for the sake of being able to rant about it in a minute, here’s some background…(even though part of my complaint is that it’s still being brought up…but this is a good example!!)


This is the Google Doodle in question. It was posted on November 24th, 2015 to celebrate the discovery of the Ape-like hominid “Lucy” on that day in 1974. She is considered to be one of the biggest contributing discoveries to Evolution Theory so far. Of course one of the biggest controversy surrounding the doodle came from the Christian viewpoint of automatically objecting to something that in their (speaking objectively here, as I am a Christian) oppinion, blately celebrates the Evolution theories. The other, from scientists, who felt that this particular doodle left out important bits of their theory of evolution from ape to man (generalized, don’t get too excited), and therefore, was not scientifically acurate or complete.

Um…guys…it’s just a doodle, but seeing as you’re all going to find fault in Google’s attempt to celebrate a cool discovery…I’m going to join the debate for a minute here, even if it has for the most part fizzled out.

(Quick Note:

I’m not an expert  in any of these fields, in fact, I wouldn’t even call myself a “good Christian” most of the time. I swear (on a regular basis), I forget to forgive, I covet, I’m mean to my little sister. So, no, I’m not a “good Christian” but honestly, I don’t really believe there’s such a thing. We’re sinful, get over it, and stop being high and mighty, we all sin…yes, even you Mr/Mrs Soapbox Christian. We aren’t perfect. But I would say that I’ve had enough to youth group and bible class in my lifetime to know the basics…and to know Genesis REALLY well. All bible classes for kids go over the creation story at least once. As for the other theories that come into this discussion (And yes, I would actually like to hear what you guys have to say) PBS, National Geographic and other reputable sources are easy ways to grab some cold hard fact.)

(One more note:

Big Bang Vs Creationism will not be making an appearance here)

Let’s start with what I saw from Christians, or Creationists:

I saw a lot of comments that went along the lines of condemning Google for posting a picture that didn’t conform to our belief system. Not only that, but ignorance about the ideas of the Evolution theory. People, before you Tweet about how wrong something is, and how right you are. Look it up. That’s the real reason we have the internet, not so you can tell the world what you ate for lunch. What I always heard from Christians is that Evolution is the theory that Man evolved from bacteria, that eventually evolved to ape-like creatures, and finally evolved after some steps and time (never full explained by Creationists when asked) into Humans like us today. This in Christian’s minds is automatically incorrect, as the Bible clearly tells us that we were created in God’s image, on the 6th day of Creation.

What I saw from the Scientist or Evolutionist Community was also comdemning, but for a different reason:

What I saw, was mostly geared towards Google having missed a crutial relationship between ape-like hominid and man. I looked up the theory of evolution to refresh my memory on a subject I knew little about, and discovered first of all, that Hominid is part of the scientific family that contains humans, chimps, neanderthals, bonobos and so on. Lucy is one of the members of this family as well, being as she was an ape-like hominid.  Also, the theory isn’t that we evolved from Apes. It’s that we evolved from a common ancestor, eventually brancing off into two different families, one becoming todays apes, chimpanzees etc…and the others becoming us, the Homo-Sapiens. Also, Evolution by definition is just moving forward and as such has also spanned into social and technological evolution. It doesn’t just apply to Apes and Homo-sapiens anymore.

So, now that I’ve wowed you all with my limited knowledge of theory details, let’s talk about what annoyed me most:

This doodle, wasn’t there to shove Evolution down Christian’s throats, IN FACT the doodle was about the discovery of Lucy AND her conributions (post-mortem) to the theory of evolution, NOT about celebration evolution theory itself. To the best of my knowledge, Google doesn’t state to believe one belief system or another, it doesn’t cater to religous affiliation. This isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t leave people out. Since Google started doing their Doodles, I’ve seen Christmas doodles, but I’ve also seen doodles that celebrate other cultures and ideas. Christmas is celebrated all across the world. I am truly sorry if this offends you, I can’t do anything about it, but I don’t believe that shoving my beliefs down anyone’s throat is going to bring them to God. Loving each other is, and we’re not doing that by yelling at Google, or evolutionists, or anyone else who doesn’t conform to our way of thinking.  Along with this, the scientists complaining about the accuracy of the doodle? What they aren’t seeing, is again the simple fact that Google was celebrating Lucy, and the fact that she helped draw the connections between us and ape-like hominids. It wasn’t meant to be perfect, it was meant to be cool. Also, people have been drawing evolution close to the same way Google did for this doodle for years (google evolution and look at images if you don’t believe me) and you haven’t taken to Twitter to condemn them yet. It’s just that Google is so huge in the public eye, that’s why you noticed.

What realy gets to me though, is the ignorance. I learned more about Evolution Theory and about different ideas of Creationism in the past 2 hours of writing this blog post, than I did in 18 years. Also, I didn’t need to look for as long as I did, one search took me to National Geographic and PBS, two ridiculously useful and factual sources. I don’t need to know much to know that the arguments that went on, and seem to continue to go on about this topic and many topics like it are stupid and often futile. You’re not going to change someone’s mind or belief system by yelling at them on Facebook or Twitter. In fact, of all the places to have a conversation or arguement, these are probable two of the dumbest. Ignorance only breeds more ignorance. Personally, I think, whether I believe a theory or not, that learning about the different beliefs of the world is fascinating. We should all do a little research before condemning anyone or anything.


Love to all, as always,



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