Little Reminders

There’s this guy I know, and every once in a while, when you catch him tired, and introspective…he’ll say something heartfelt and beautiful. Tonight, he brought up his passion for science and life, and it reminded me of something that I forget way too often.

Life is full of beauty. Little teeny tiny things that we don’t see going on, that are making the planet turn.

But see, this guy reminded me of something else, something he said the other day, but didn’t sink in entirely until now.

See, the thing is, that science unintentionally proves the existence of a higher power. Life is too intricate and too complex to have just happened. There had to be someone directing it, and tonight, I experienced the joy of seeing someone I care about find joy in this fact. For me, it’s music, my last post, RENT, little acts of kindness that make up what I see as God’s love on earth.


For this guy…it’s looking at the woods, the sunlight, a worm on the ground, and seeing God’s amazing creation, and then turning around and getting to see it again in what he’s studying on a daily basis.

For each of us it’s different, and I was reminded of that tonight, all thanks to one person and their ineffable ability to make the everyday extraordinary, just by being them….

Whatever that thing is for you, I hope you find it, and I hope you get to see someone else get one of these reminders, because it’s beautiful and humbling.

Love to all, as always,