Old Crow Medicine Show

So, I got excited about posting and made another video! This one is an old favorite of mine that I learned on the Trinidad and Tobago YaF trip Sophomore year. I was a favorite of one of the YaFers and we ended up singing it several times on that trip and then again when I learned it on Uke, for the following year’s Florida trip.

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Love to all, as always,



New Day, New Projects…

So, today I was playing ukulele, and a two thoughts occurred to me…

One: I haven’t posted on here in forever, and I needed to change that.

Two: Why not get back online by posting some of the songs I’m learning.

So today starts a series of videos and blog posts. I’m going to learn a new song every week (maybe more often, it’ll depend on my level of productivity and maybe with my ukulele, maybe without), and post them here and on my  YouTube channel which is linked at the bottom of this post.

So, here’s the first in the series: Valentine: A favorite of mine by Kina Grannis.


I hope you guys enjoy, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel for updates!

Love to all, as always,


P.S. Channel link, haha, I almost forgot!